How to sign up

Description and short video of how to register for Retrieve and Relate and how to login again to use the software

In this article we will explain how to register and create a login for Retrieve and Relate. It will also show you how to login to start using the software. 

Signing Up

This webpage is shown at the time of your first visit to BioStrand online platform. In the following video you learn how to sign up to gain access to the Retrieve and Relate tool.


You can later choose to sign out at your leisure by clicking “Sign Out” from the button on the top right that displays your username.

1 Create account, fill out your credentials
2 You receive an email. Open your email browser to complete the sign-up process
3 Create password
4 All set


Manage your Organization

From the “Login Page”, you can access the functionalities related to the Users and the Workspaces, by clicking on your user account and then the selection “Manage your Organization“. Then, two new pages can be accessed: “Users”, and “Workspaces”

Inviting a new user

In order to add a new user in the Biostrand app, the Admin has to move to the “Users” page, select “Invite User“ and the organization email of the new user. Upon user invitation, the Default Workspace and the user Role are specified. These choices can be altered later on.


Creating Workspace

In the “Workspaces“ page, the workspaces are listed, together with information about the number of Members and Datasets, as well as the creation date. From the same page, it is possible to create a new workspace, just by specifying the name of the new workspace.

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